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Chance Fusion

Yuma was taking a stroll around the city. He felt that this day would be a truly normal one. His sisters did not try to use a transforming spell on him, none of his friends attempted such a feat, and his duty as a demon hunter did not call him into action. However, he would soon be proven wrong.

As he neared the park he noticed a light-skinned woman with long brown hair, blue eyes, a small red jacket, black tube top, blue jeans, white shoes, and a dark earring passing by across the street.

Then he turned his attention to further down the street. There was a black, cloaked figure with piercing blue eyes on a black horse with equally piercing blue eyes. It was a Shadow Rider.

Yuma acted fast. He used all his speed to grab the woman and bring her down behind some bushes, catching her completely by surprise.

“Ow, what the-“

Yuma shushed her. He made pointed towards the Shadow Rider. They both peered at it from behind the bushes. It made sure no one was watching. Thankfully it did not spot Yuma nor the woman. It made its way inside an abandoned building.

“I’m Yuma, what’s your name Miss?”

“Lucy, Lucy Bucket.”

“Well, Lucy, get as far away from here as you can. That demon will not hesitate to kill. I am trained for these things. Let me handle it.”

Yuma headed inside the building, but despite his advice, Lucy followed him.

The building itself was derelict and looked like it would be demolished soon.

Yuma and Lucy hid behind the remains of concrete wall as the Shadow Rider was talking to a huge red oni.

“So what’s the plan?” Lucy whispered.

In reaction, Yuma crept lower behind the wall remains and brought Lucy down.

“What are you doing? You’re gonna get yourself hurt!” he whispered.

“I have to see what’s going on. I’m involved with this demon thing too now. Besides, this is like something straight out of a Japanese anime,” Lucy replied.

They peer over wall remains to see that the demons are still talking.

“Can you hear what they’re saying?” Lucy asked.

“No, my hearing isn’t that good,” Yuma answered.

The Shadow Rider flees while the oni prowls on all fours and sniffs.

“Get down!”

Yuma and Lucy lower themselves again.

“I can smell you, you kine,” the oni spoke.

“Did it just call me a heifer!?” Lucy angrily shouted as she rose from her hiding spot.

The oni rushed towards Lucy.


Yuma threw a knife into the oni’s head. The knife didn’t make much of a cut but it annoyed the oni enough to get him focused on Yuma.

“Run! I’ll take it from here!”

Yuma charged for the oni while Lucy just stood there and watch. Yuma charged up his spirit power and threw more knives at the oni, all of which didn’t do much more damage than the first.

The oni swiped its claws at Yuma, but he managed to avoid each one. Throughout the battle, Lucy could only stand and watch as Yuma continued throwing his knives at the oni. Then he slipped up. The oni faked him with a left cross and hit him right hook, and pinned him to a wall. He grabbed a pipe and thrust it through Yuma just underneath his heart.

Lucy screamed at the top of her lungs, “NOOOOOO!!!”

Yuma’s spirit would not give up. His hair grew longer as his ears were replaced by wolf ears on the top of his head. He grew a wolf tail and a beard and mustache that connected to his sideburns. His wound started to heal. He had entered his Great Wolf form. He growled as he broke the oni’s grip. Then he removed the pipe, leaped up and struck it into the oni’s heart.

The oni tumbled as it disappeared in a burst of flames. Yuma exited his current form and returned his previous human form. Although his had healed some, it was not enough to save his life. He collapsed.

Lucy rushed towards him. “Yuma! Yuma! Don’t die on me!”

Yuma gazed up on Lucy’s face. “Fear not, I can die in peace knowing I was able to save a civilian.” He closed his eyes.

Lucy started to cry. “No! You gave your life to save mine! There has to be something I can do to restore yours! Lacy, help me!” Then she got an idea. She took off her earring. “Maybe this earring can help. Here's hoping this works,” she attached it to Yuma’s ear, causing him to change. She picked Yuma up and brought him out of the building.

Yuma’s hair grew longer, gained a blonde streak, and tied itself into two pigtails. His face turned soft with feminine features. His Adam’s apple disappeared without a trace as his neck thinned. His broad shoulders became narrow as his arms turned slender and his hands became dainty. His chest grew two E-sized sphere as his body slimmed and curved. His hips grew outward while his waist shrank. His manhood shrank, retreated inside, and converted to womanhood while his butt turned plump and perked out. His legs became slender and his feet shifted to a dainty form. The physical transformation to female was complete.

Yuma, now Lozen’s, clothing changed into her usual attire: a red sleeveless shirt covered by a black T-shirt with a symbol of a feather resting on headband with fire in the background, and bearing the words “Iłk'id́ą, k ǫǫ yá'édįná'a” on it, a red skirt, black custom-made gloves, shin-length socks, and women’s athletic shoes.

Once Lucy and Lozen were outside, Lozen woke up to her surprise.

“What? I’m alive?” Lozen uttered.

“Yeah, but unfortunately, it required turning you into a woman with this,” Lucy spoke as she removed the earring.

A long-eared djinni with dark skin, light hair tied in a ponytail with ribbons, yellow eyes, a tail colored with two different shades of pink and wearing: a black and pink tube top, dark violet jacket, a blue skirt with a brown belt, gold bracelets and earrings, and a gold choker with a gem in it appeared just in time. Her name was Lacy.

“What!? You turned me into a woman!?” Lozen asked enraged.

Lucy gulped. “And I’m not sure how to turn you back,” she spoke without noticing Lacy.

“Well you better find a way, dammit!” Lozen yelled.

Lacy just watched with amusement.

“Oh, what’s the big deal? You’re still alive, aren’t you? And it’s not like any part of you is damaged, right?” Lucy inquired.

“You don’t get! This isn’t me! I should not look like this!” Lozen noticed her reflection in a puddle, cringed, and turned her head back to Lucy. “This isn’t me,” she muttered.

“Look, I’ve been turned into a woman dozens of times,” she reached out for Lozen’s shoulder, “so I know how it feels to-“

Lozen swatted away Lucy’s hand. “Don’t give me that crap! That earring turns you into a woman, doesn’t it! You choose to be a woman. I’ve never been given a choice. If I ever had any say, in any of the times I’ve been transformed-”

“You would have died in that building,” Lucy stated.

Lozen angrily grit her teeth. She spoke while Lucy turned her head to notice Lacy, who waved at her with a smirk, “I wish you could see how it feels, to-“

“Uh, Lozen.”

Lacy took the wish as an opportunity to make some mischief. She used her magic to fuse Lozen and Lucy into one being. In their place sat a woman with: lightly tanned skin, deep brown eyes, Lacy’s long brown hair combined with Lozen’s braids, along with her blonde streak, a modified version of Lozen’s overshirt that exposed shoulders and a modest amount of cleavage along with her shoulders, Lozen’s skirt, leg warmers, and shoes that were a mixture of Lozen’s and Lucy’s. The new woman took the name “Luczen.”

Luczen sat in awe of her form.

“So, how do you feel?” Lacy asked, expecting Luczen to start bickering amongst herself.

“I feel... great!” Luczen hugged Lacy. “Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!” She let go and headed elsewhere.

Lacy just stayed there in complete surprise. “What just- Oh forget it.” She used her magic to teleport herself out of there.

Luzcen looked around and wondered where she should head first. “Oh, I know,” she headed straight to Yuma’s house. Once there, she knocked on the door.

Lilian, in her human guise of a tall Apache woman with blonde hair, opened and answered, “Hello, who are you?”

“Hi Mom, it’s me,” Luczen replied. She entered the house, sat down with Lilian, and revealed everything to her. She introduced herself and told Lilian all about the times that Yuma had been turned into a woman, and about the events that happened earlier that day.

“I see,” Lilian stated.

“You’re not mad, are you?” Luczen asked.

“Despite Yuna and Nilli keeping this information from me, no I am not. As long as you- Yuma-slash-Lozen is not harmed by this, then I am okay,” Lilian explained.

“Thanks Mom,” Luczen said as she hugged Lilian.

Yuna and Nilche Lizhen were watching from a distance.

“It’s a good thing Lilith is taking a nap right now. I don’t know how I’d explain this to her. Hell, I still don’t even know how I’m going explain her Auntie Lozen to her,” Nilche Lizhen spoke to Yuna, who simply nodded.

“So what will you do now?” Lilian asked.

“I’m just going to go up to my room, then I’ll be walking around town, looking for some malicious demons to fight,” Luczen answered.

Lilian smiled. “Very well then.”

Luczen went up to Yuma’s room and looked at herself in the mirror. “Hmm, you know, I should really test these magic powers out, and I have just the idea how.”

First, she opened a drawer revealing a makeup case. She took out red lipstick and applied it. After putting it back and closing the drawer, she increased the size of her already-large bust and made her hips wider, creating an exaggerated hourglass figure.

“Nice,” she spoke as she made a silly smile in the mirror. She set her proportions back to their previous sizes then. Next, she turned herself into an anthro-wolf.

“Woof,” she spoke with glee at her reflection. She tried a few other forms including: an an anthro-bear, a dragon-girl, a catwoman, an an oni, and back to human form.

She then turned into a succubus form. Her attire was reduced to: a black, latex-like suit that left a near-bare amount of coverage (it covered the lower part of her breasts and her crotch enough so that her genitals would remain unseen) and spiraled around her upper arms thrice, black latex-like leggings, and a golden headband with a jewel in the middle. Horns protruded out from her skull, leathery, bat-like wings came out from her shoulder blades, and a thin tail with a spade on the end poked its way out from her lower back, just above the crack.

She gazed upon her reflection. “Ooh, I’m going to have to try this form out, but perhaps another time,” she remarked before turning back to human form. Then she left the house and went to the docks, knowing that there would be a sting operation there.

Once at the docks, she spotted a black-haired Japanese girl named Kameyo, a red-headed European girl named Barabal, and a dark brown-haired African girl named Imani. All of them were Demon Hunters. They gazed out at the horizon, as if expecting something.

Luczen looked around and noticed a boat full of baby dolls floating out. Shortly, the dolls were snatched up by troll-like creatures with long hair, green skin, and long fingernails, and wearing amautiit, Qalupalik. The Qalupalik shortly realized that they were fooled, turned to the Demon Hunters, and gave loud, shrill shrieks. They charged forth.

The Demon Hunters equipped their weapons: Kameyo’s ōdachi, Barabal’s hammer, and Imani’s spear. Luczen used her magic to summon her tomahawk.

Once the the Qalupalik were on the docks, the Demon Hunters and Luczen went on the offense, making quick work of the demons. Right after the last Qalupalik fell a new group of demons sprung forth. They were the Akhlut, orca-wolf shapeshifting monsters, and a Tizheruk, a large, snake-like sea creature that was a total of 12-15 feet long.

Luczen charged up her spirit energy. Her hair grew wilder and longer, resembling a mane, and looking like she could use it to whip her enemies. Her human ears were replaced by wolf ears on the top of her head, and a white aura began flowing around her body. She had entered her Great Wolf form. The Demon Hunters were rather surprised by this.

Luczen let out a lupine howl that caused the Akhlut to shudder. She threw her tomahawk, slicing one in two, killing it. Her tomahawk teleported back to her hand and she repeated this process until the last Akhlut was dead. Then she conjured a big, magic ball of fire and burned the Tizheruk to a crisp. She made her tomahawk disappear, reverted back to her normal form, and was approached by the Demon Hunters.

“Who are you?” Kameyo asked.

“Call me Luczen Bucketmoon.”

“Would you be interested in joining the Demon Hunters? We could use a girl of your talents,” Barabal spoke.

“Sorry, but I have some prior commitments,” Luczen stated.

“Well, our doors are always open if you change your mind,” Imani told her.

Luczen nodded and headed back to Yuma’s house.

“Thanks for the assistance.”

By the time Luczen was in the living room, it was night and Yuna, Lilian, Nilche Lizhen, and Lilith were in their bedrooms sleeping.

“I wonder how much longer this will last,” Luczen said. Immediately after speaking that she started feeling funny. Then Lozen, who was wearing lipstick, and Lucy split from each other, ending the fusion.

“Whoa, that was something else,” Lozen spoke.

“Yeah, and we really learned a lot about each other since we exchange memories during that fused state,” Lucy added.

“Now you know everything.”

Lucy nodded. “Say, can I try on your headband?”

Lozen took her headband off and held it in her hands.

“This belonged to my great-grandpa. It’s the only thing I have on that didn't change into female clothing.”

“Oh, right.”

“I’m sorry, but no,” Lozen reattached her headband.

“So, you wanna be friends?” Lucy asked.

Lozen breathed in and out. “The more the merrier, I suppose,” Lozen extended her arm.

Lucy pulled her into a hug. “Trust me, it’ll get better. You’ll feel better,” she said. “Besides, I know how you really feel about being a woman.”

Lozen began to blush out of embarrassment. “Wh- what are you talking about?”

“It’s okay. It’ll just between us girls,” Lucy winked.

Lozen’s blush faded away. “Okay.”

Lucy got up and started walking, only to stop and tell Lozen one last thing. “By the way, you should wear lipstick more often. It looks real cute on you.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.”

Lucy headed out.

Lilian showed up downstairs after Lucy left. “So, you want me to change you back?” she asked.

“Eh, in the morning. Is there something you wanted to talk to me about?” Lozen inquired.

Lilian took a seat next to Lozen. She explained to her about how her succubus DNA could take over, causing her to be permanently stuck in her female form. This came as a shock to Lozen, but she accepted this possible outcome, at least partly. After their talk was over, Lozen and Lilian went up to their beds.

Back at Lucy’s place, Lacy the djinni was watching TV.

“So, did you really enjoyed being fused with girl?” Lacy asked.

“Lozen Thundermoon, yeah, it was awesome. She’s a really powerful person. She’s wolf spirit, werewolf, merfolk, comes from a long line of skilled human warriors and magic-users, and she’s half-succubus.”

Lacy’s ears perked up at hearing this. “Really? I was a fool for thinking that power reading I got off of her was a fluke. This should be interesting,” she muttered. She asked Lucy, “So I suppose you two are good friends now?”


Both ladies headed straight to bed, though Lacy started plotting as she did.
This takes place in an alternate canon. Lilian never had to run away, but on the downside, demon killed Yuma's grandmother. Additionally, Yuna was not bound to Yuma like in the main canon. Instead she was truly born from Lilian. Lastly, Nilche Lizhen reunited with her real mom earlier, when she was 16 years old. This story serves as an explanation of how Yuma and Lozen could come to know Lucky, Lucy, and Lacy.

Lozen's apparent dislike of being in female form was balanced by Lucy's like of it, which is why Luczen was actually happy.

Lucy Bucket and Lacy belong to :iconluckybucket46:
All other characters belong to me
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I appreciate that you took the time to write this story and include my characters. 

I did get a little embarrassed when you made Lucy fell in love with Yuma after a few minutes with in meeting him.  It would've been better if you got to know my character better to help the story along.  I feel like you made Lucy just a random girl who likes excitement.  When you had Lucy save his life by turning him into a girl only to spit it back into Lucy face was upsetting to me.   I would've been okay with it if you stuck with it when they fused but you did an 180 and made him lose his personality. 

I don't know much about your character, so I won't say anything about his characteristics.  It would've have been better if you chatted with me about what type of person of Lucy you wanted to write about.  Also you don't have to describe the whole character whenever you introduce them, you can give a general idea on what they look like and leave it up to the reader to put an image of them in their mind.  I do know that I didn't talk to you that much about Lucy or Lacy so it was hard in understanding them.

I don't want you to quit writing and only encourage to continue doing so.  Again thank you for writing me something.
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Again with the "love" thing.  There was no romance there. Of course she wanted to revive Yuma. A complete stranger lost his life in trying to protect her. How exactly is she not supposed to get emotional? ^^; Yeah, that actually makes more sense if you're familiar with Yuma's adventures. Shortest way I can put is that if any of the Sins is Yuma's, then it would be pride, specifically warrior's pride. Then there's the whole thing about him having a phobia of being turned into a girl forever, which was actually touched upon in the first story in the reboot continuity.

You're welcome, and thank you. This is helpful.
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